Wednesday, May 14, 2008

updated list

8 of 2008 challenge
old dead guys
1. sir walter scott- Ivanhoe
2. john Steinbeck- Cannery Row
3. Bram Stoker-Dracula
4. Ernest Hemmingway- a farewell to arms
5. D. H. Laurence- lady Chatterley’s lover
6. charles dickens- a tale of two cities
7. mark twain- a yankee in king Arthur’s court
8. James Joyce- Ulysses

Crazy dead ladies
1. L. M. Montgomery- Anne of green Gables
2. edith Wharton- the old maid
3. Iris Murdoch- Under the net
4. Jane austen- Mansfield park
5. edna Ferber- giant
6. pearl s. buck- pavilion of woman
7. irène Némirovsky-suite francaise
8. george elliot- Middlemarch

Mystery Mystery
1. Arturo perez reverte the Flanders panel
2. Agatha christie- and then there were none
3. janet evanovich- four to score
4. sue graffton- h is for homicide
5. laura lipman- the last place
6. kate mosse- the labyrinth
7. janet evanovitch-High Five
8. Jasper fforde- Thursday next

The books that take up shelf room
1. J. D salenger- Fanney and Zooey
2. Zadie smith- The autograph man
3. John Barth- The Floating Opera
4 Kristine and joyce Atkinson- The short life and mysterious death of amy zoe mason
5. sue
monk kidd- the secret life of bees
6 mark Helprin- Freddy and Fredericka
7. Kent haruf- eventide
8. Tim o’brien- The things they carried

Books I waited all of 2007 to read
1. John Kennedy o’toole Confederacy of dunces
2. banana Yoshimoto- kitchen
3. Mark Helprin- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
4. CArlos Ruiz Zafón- Shadow of the wind

5. Rohinton Mistry- A fine balance
6. rebecca wells- the ya-yas in bloom
7. joanne harris-coastliners

8. Geraldine brooks- March

Sci fi/ Fantasy
1. Gregory Maguire- son of a witch
2. Robert A. Heinlein- Stranger in a strange land
3. J. k. Rowling- Harry Potter
4. J.rr Tolkien- lord of the rings(the fellowship)
5. ray Bradbury- Fahrenheit 451
6. Audrey Niffinegger- the time travelers wife
7. phillp Pullman- the golden compass
8 gregory Maguire- wicked

Books to movies
1. Anne prolux- The Shipping News
2. Boris Pasternak- Dr. Zhivago,
3. David Guterson-Snow Falling on cedars
4. Toni Morison- Beloved
5. Charles Frazer- cold Mountain
6. Richard Russo- Empire Falls
7. Sebastien Japrisot- A very long engagement
8. Tom Perrotta-Little Children

ARC and book club
1Stephen King- Duma Key
2 Nicole krauss- history of love
3 l.j. sellers- the sex club
4 Candice bushnell- lipstick jungle
5 Elizabeth Noble- Things I want my daughters to know
6 Meg Waite Clayton-The Wednesday sisters

7 Lori Handeland -Any given Doomsday
8, Katherine Neville- The Fire

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