Monday, January 15, 2007


I am back. Finally!! Where was I?? no where but home. we did some home improvement stuff. tore down some walls, made my closet smaller.. its now the closet from hell... found lots of mold.. and panted our rooms pretty bright colors.. how fun!!!!

We had a busy xmas time. my favourite gift;.. monk season 1 on dvd.. how cool is that???

now i have emerged myself in cleaning out the basement.. well... its not really cleaning it out.. its ummm well we bought about 15,000 books last year.,. i want to open a used bookstore..and well, my plans got shot down.. but then after the house stuff was done we thought.. hey why not give it another go.. so go we went. If you want you can see our progress try going to you can see our list of stuff there. weather or not the bookstore ever opens.. well we will see it when and if it happens when it happens!!!!

My personal reading.. its been pretty good so far ive read two books
By a lady by Amanda Elyot.. it was very jane austinesque... not bad in anyway.. but left me with the feeling that i could do it better if given the chance
my second book was good harbor.. by anita Diament... loved it.. it made me cry and cry and cry.. not a bad thing.. sometimes I like to cry!!

thats about it