Sunday, March 25, 2007

The more i read..

Seems like the more books i read the more im looking for perfection. Snob?? Who Me?? Nah, I just want a book with a solid story.. a really good one with great dialouge(sp??).. I have tried to get beyond page 10 of On Beauty.. but for crissake.. the americans talk and write like the british.. not that i have issues with our cousins across the pond.. but I really think zadie smith tried a little too hard. Maybe ill keep at it.. maybe not

so anyway..... im going to continue my search for that perfect book.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

13th tale

ok, so i totaly forgot to write what i thought about this book.. it was a very fun book. I doubt if it will ever make it on a 1oo best of the century list... but i can say it was quite a romp!The twists and turns were never ending.. and what you expected on the next page was not what you found.. all in all i thought it was fun!

The thing i didn't like about this book was the SLLLOOOWWWW start.. ick.. i almost put the book down a dozen times before getting to the good stuff. I also had a hard time with the ending where everything fell into place. There was not much left for me to figure out on my own, or to think about ... I don't want a book with tons of loose ends.. but life in general is messy.. books should be a little messy too.

The plot line was good. far the best book i read this year...

Im on to new and .. better? things.. reading Prep.. by curtis...can't think of her last name.. but i wanted to read this for a while.. and i was going to put it off for a while longer seeing im only reading books wretten by women.. and as far as i know curtis is a man's name.. well, surprise.. things work out. also by my bed/half under my bed is another Atwood. Blind assaisn this time. im about 15 pages into it.. the sci fi bit it a bit distracting.. but i like the way its wretten so far.

thats about it