Wednesday, October 14, 2009

im back

i went away, but then after realizing that my new blog was not as easy to use i came back.. but shhhh its a secret. my dear sweet bf is the owner of the site where i had my new blog. He has lost his ambition, and his ideals are way to high.. and i just can't deal with that blog anymore. i do love him just the same though!.. maybe even more for his attempt.

lets see.... not a whole lot has happened in my absence.. im even more in debt, i put on a few pounds(just a few, but unwanted just the same) new job(that i hate, though i have amazing coworkers) and ive read a bunch of books.

books books books.. im up to 24 for the year. i think if i keep a steady pace i will reach my goal of 30. i did it last year, im sure i can do it again.