Tuesday, June 15, 2010


wondering why , when it comes to a certain time of the year, I just kind of loose ambition for reading. I gaze at the bookcases, and visit the library, but I have little need or want to start something new. In fact I am struggling to finish what i have already started. I'm halfway through a sookie stackhouse book.. and up to this point they have all been hard to put down. but now i can't seem to want to pick it up. its not that I don't care.. i just have no feeling.

outside the weather is constantly changing. I don't know if i should dress for summer.. or for rain and gloom. why is this, I wonder?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


yea! this week is half over. it is a gloriously gloomy day, the perfect kind of day that convinces you that you really just want to stay home and wrap yourself in a blanket, and sleep and read for the whole day. OK so that's what I want to do today. Either way, I would prefer not to go to work! our system has been down for 2 days... which makes everything we do nearly impossible. but we are getting by.

I'm halfway done with a lot of stuff.. and nothing is catching me to make me want to finish it. i think i should refer to this is a bit of a slump. I find that my mind wanders more then i want, and then i have to reread parts all over again.

oh well, i suppose i should trudge off to work... see what kinds of insanity wait for me there!

Monday, June 07, 2010

not so good

I'm finding that I'm not so good at this blogging thing. months and months go by, and it never occurs to me that i should write down a word or two about what I'm thinking... Ahh not that its consequential to anyone really what I'm thinking or doing. I do not promise to do better at this, or any such thing. I can do nothing more then plod away at my life, and on occasion when the mood fits say something about it.

That said. "I've got a headache" so I'm going to bed.

good night