Tuesday, November 27, 2007

vamps live, and jim crow must die!!!!!

ok,.. i know im late at writing.. but i have good reasons!

1. I turned old!!!! i celebrated turning 29 on 10/23... and thanks to my very good friend kelly... it wasn't as awful as i thought it would be.. but darn it i just keep thinking that i would so much like to be 24 again!

2. I lost and then started a new job! Never thought id be back in full retail again but here i am .. slaving away in a huge clothing store(i won't name names).

3. we began stage 2 of our house demolish/rebuild project.. not fun at all.. we hope to be done and everything pretty again by xmas.. my fingers are crossed!!!

4. i was too busy to write because i received 2 really awesome ARC's from algonquin publishing!!!

Book 1 was called Every last cukoo! and it was by a very nice lady named Kate maloy.. I know she has to be nice because not only did my contact with algonquin say she was.. but mrs. maloy took the time out of her busy life to send me a card thanking me for enjoying and reviewing her book... it was a blast for me.. so i think i got the better part of it all around. Her book was a lot about family vailues, and accepting change.. because it happens no matter what.. you can't always expect it.. but you do have to deal with it!

My next book was absolutely amazing.. called mudbound... and it was by a young lady named Hillary Jordan.. and boy did this book make me feel a million things all at once!!! it made me feel dirty, it made me feel so much anger, it made me feel pride, it made me blush, itmade me sad.. but most of all it made me cry.. this book is being championed by barbara kingsolver.. and for many good reasons too. this book will be out next march(2008) make sure you look for it.. it will amaze you too!!!!

ok.. so back to historian.. it was a pretty good book. i don't know how or why it got bashed like it did.. so there were a few parts that were a bit confusing.. but it was a hell of a tail.. and i couldn't wait to get to the end. some cool facts: the narator dosn't have a name, history repeats its self.. and boy is it good to get scared sometimes!! The last 100 pages or so was the best part of the story.. i would read the sequal if there was ever one to be wretten!!!

ok.. so thats that,.. time to head off to bed. ive got a pile of books im trying to trudge though.. but house stuff comes first!ick!

good night

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Afraid of vamps

umm its never a good thing to read freaky books before bed! I have known that for years, but what i didn't know was that its not good to read books about vampires, eat cheesecake brownies and be stressed out before going to bed... Very bad combo!!!

so far im liking The Historian. We have been having lots of rainy dreary weather around here so it definately helps with the mood. im at page 90 and while there have been bits and pieces of action, there really dosn't seem to have been much going on. its not as bad as the whitney otto book though... ehh we will see

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pink dosn't stink....

OK. .. i finished the secret history of the pink carnation last night. It didn't stink. it had a lot of good things in it. it kept my attention.. and so what if there was a bit too much romance thrown in.. that's what makes a good book a good book for some people.. not me though. I liked the little twist at the end. I'm not going to give anything away if that's what you are reading this blog to find out. you are just going to have to read the book for yourself.

OK. so its October now. its supposed to be a scary month full of ghouls and bumps in the night so i figure why not read a scary book too. I've already read the typical Dracula and Frankenstein.. so I'm getting a bit crazy this year. This year I'm taking on Elizabeth Kosteva's The historian. I didn't think i would ever crack this book.. mostly because of all the negative things i heard about it.. mostly that it was slow going and a bit boring.. but i am willing to at least try it. My friend Jen is going to read it along with me. we figure if we don't like it by page 100 then it will be time to give up on it. so far at page 18 it doesn't feel so bad yet.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

pink pink you stink


im reading the secret history of the pink carnation. I have mixed feelings on it. Im about half way done, still don't know the secret of the pink carnation.. which is what is keeping me reading. The stinky part of this book is that its got way too much romance in it. I could care less if the good guy spy is feeling up the hero chick or whatever.. i don't want to read about a kiss for three stinking pages.. it just doesn't do it for me. im sure that when i get to the end of the book ill have lots to say. but for now im just happy that i know that romance like this does not happen in real life, and for those who think it does and are expecting it.... well its not ever going to be that way so stop waiting!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rain day

... today is almost over.. and to that i say "Yea". As inventory at work grows closer and closer the more i feel as if i want to stay home and in bed. I'm trying to grin and bare it.. but i think its getting to be a real pain.

I guess i should mention that i did finish reading Crow Lake. It was good.. very good. not great though. The thing i liked the best about it was that it alluded to something big and important right from the getgo. so not to spoil it for anyone i won't say what the incedent was, but i will say it was not what i was expecting. one other thing i really liked was that this book could have been "timeless"! there was no mention of what decade the book was to take place in... also you don't know how old the narrator Kate, is. Id recomend the book to just about anyone.

Right now im reading "the secret history of the pink carnation." I really like this one. its half mystery half romance-chick lit. can't wait to get to the end!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

sunday sunday

so, its sunday again. not too much to report.

Im over halfway done with Crow lake. im finding it to be quite good. back when they were making a big to do about it i thought to myself that this was something id never read... glad i changed my mind. its one of those books that you keep finding yourself wondering "what would i do?"

there is still one week left of summer, but it feels so much like fall. we went apple and pumpkin picking today. it was quite fun.

Monday, September 10, 2007

almost feeling like fall.....

wow.. weather is really going nuts out there! leaves havefallen everywhere, and we have already made it to the apple orchard.

not reading as much as id like. I have been snacking on the thrid of stephanie plums adventures..very fun. Um in the car i have To kill a mockingbird. i have not gotten so far with that , but boy does it feel like i know this book!! I fianly cracked the book Crow Lake open. it's for a discousion i promised to have with a good friend of mine so i have to have the book done by the last day of this month or i think she will be kind of upset.

work is for the birds.. there are just days when i wish i was home and could lay around by myself and do nothing.. way off dream don't you think??

ahh... im boring tonight. i guess ill be going.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

hot saturday

today was hot.. not just hot.. it was very hot.. for a late august day... it rained a little and that just made it hotter.. and i got cranky..

i have not had any time to read in the past 2 days. Looking at a calender i see that there are only 4 more months to this year.. this year has gone way toooooo fast!!! I had a goal of 36 books this year.. i think im about up to 18.. its not so good.. and i don't think I'm going to make 36.. but perhaps if i try .. and try hard, ill make it to 30.. that's like4.5 books a month.. perhaps..

here's what i have going on

still reading bridget jones.. kind of weird. I wasn't fond of the movie.. not too sure i like the book any better.

crow lake.. its up for next month. one of my "far away" friends are going to read it together .. and then have a chat about it at the end of sept

megan mccafferty's book.. the new Jessica darling book. I have just begun it. and its got one hell of a slow start. I'm hoping that it gets a hell of a lot better..

also snagged To kill a mockingbird from the library.. funny thing about this book is ive never cracked the covers of this book before, but as i began to read the first chapter i could have sworn that Ive heard this story before.. just don't know how, when or why.

some fun news ahead. i may get the chance to be Clifford the big red dog in a parade this coming week. its going to be in the state fair.. and I'm afraid with all this heat it won't be too fun.. but the concept is awesome.

that's about it for now

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

calling in life!

Ok.. so today i realized what i should have years ago!... that my true calling in life is to pick out books for other people. I think i may have some weird connection when it comes to this. As soon as im done with a book i sit and really maul that book over. I then start thinking of my friends, my sisters and other people that i think my just get a kick over what i have just read. The hard part is trying to get people to take my advice.

When i worked at Waldenbooks many years ago i had a manager who did not believe that The amazing adventures of Kavalier and clay was as good of a book as i claimed. she agreed that she would read the book if i would read this goofy Chuck Norris book that was titled something like the power within or something like that. So I took her up on her deal.. i sat and read all about the ching of chow.. or whatever. It was a very boring book.. and probably the only non fiction book i have ever read that i have not been forced to ...ever!!!! can you believe it?? she tricked me.. she didn't even pick up a copy of k and c. .. i was so sad.....

but anyway.. i think i should take my gift more seriously... i think i could really help people with finding great books...

Monday, August 20, 2007

need some book time

ahhh... my new(est) job keeps me way too busy! no time to read. well, i did read a little... I'm doing the murder mystery thing at the moment. 2 for the dough. Stephanie plum mystery.. i could be her.. except i hate rodents!!!

I did get away for a few days. went up to Alex bay and got through Kate Atkinson's case histories... another mystery of sorts.. not bad at all. it had me thinking about it for a few days.. it was more fun thining of CH then it was thinking about sorting stuff at work.

ummm i guess crow lake is up next.. im reading it with my long distance friend. i also want to read to kill a mocking bird. why?.. not sure.. but i guess i should just the same.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy wends!!!

its exactly one week since 4th of july... and what a fun 4th it was. it rained and rained... oh, did i mention it rained that day?.. ick!

to get off that icky subject i will proudly anounce the fact that i finaly finished that stupid whitney otto book.... it was dumb... thats the nicest thing i can think of to say about it. onward and upward is how i will now look at things... it can only get better right??

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day.......

me im in for the long term. its really cute. ...not much of an opinion yet.
Again, i havn't posted in a bit. I was busy finding a new job... one that i like better.. better hours, better co workers, best of all better pay!!! and its a whopping 4 miles from my house. Love it.. even if i do come home sore every day!!!

So today is fathers day.. i considered sending a card to my dad.. but then thought better of it.. so im not. ill call my mom for chat fest instead!! sounds fair to me!!!

what have i been reading???? ooohhh i read Dodie smith's 101 dalmations. What a fantastic cute little book. it had a disney illustration on the cover but the inside had beautiful doggie drawings that were not in the least cartoony. There were a few changes made when the book was turned into the cartoon.. the mother dogs name, the whole idea of the other mother dog.. and some of the names.. but darn it.. the book was really cute. its on my top ten list.

im still plodding through whitney otto's "Now you see her"... and i am positive that there is a point to it all.. really i do. but its hard to stay foccused. can i tell you how sad and disapointed i feel?? i just loved her other books.

also started Bridget jones's diary.. started it once before.. this ti

Thursday, May 10, 2007


one of my best friends mothers past away this past monday. it was sudden, a heart attack on friday.. and just when they thought she was going to be ok she left us. she will be missed!

My new job keeps me away from everything. its a boring job. I spend a lot of it on the phone trying to explain to angry people why we are no longer in our old location and how to get to our new one. I have been trying to get some reading done by sneaking in a few pages here and there and holding the book under the desk just right so people looking in at me think im just sleepy and resting my head. Im reading Edible woman.. by margaret atwood.she really is marvolous!! For a book that came out in "69" it sure is relavent to modern day.. i wonder sometimes if it is sending me secret messages?? not surprised if it is!

also im trying to finish up whitney otto's "now you see her".... the book goes on and on. there is a plot.. but its kind of runny. its a bit on the boring side too. ..she has done better!

thats about it

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The more i read..

Seems like the more books i read the more im looking for perfection. Snob?? Who Me?? Nah, I just want a book with a solid story.. a really good one with great dialouge(sp??).. I have tried to get beyond page 10 of On Beauty.. but for crissake.. the americans talk and write like the british.. not that i have issues with our cousins across the pond.. but I really think zadie smith tried a little too hard. Maybe ill keep at it.. maybe not

so anyway..... im going to continue my search for that perfect book.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

13th tale

ok, so i totaly forgot to write what i thought about this book.. it was a very fun book. I doubt if it will ever make it on a 1oo best of the century list... but i can say it was quite a romp!The twists and turns were never ending.. and what you expected on the next page was not what you found.. all in all i thought it was fun!

The thing i didn't like about this book was the SLLLOOOWWWW start.. ick.. i almost put the book down a dozen times before getting to the good stuff. I also had a hard time with the ending where everything fell into place. There was not much left for me to figure out on my own, or to think about ... I don't want a book with tons of loose ends.. but life in general is messy.. books should be a little messy too.

The plot line was good. ..so far the best book i read this year...

Im on to new and .. better? things.. reading Prep.. by curtis...can't think of her last name.. but i wanted to read this for a while.. and i was going to put it off for a while longer seeing im only reading books wretten by women.. and as far as i know curtis is a man's name.. well, surprise.. things work out. also by my bed/half under my bed is another Atwood. Blind assaisn this time. im about 15 pages into it.. the sci fi bit it a bit distracting.. but i like the way its wretten so far.

thats about it

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is nuts!!! I just finished reading The Robber Bride... which i think is by far Margaret Atwoods very best.... So far.. and now they are promoting a made for tv movie... of the robber bride!!! How cool is that??? another movie i get to ridicule and say"hey, they did this wrong"... but anyway, its cool anyway.

what im reading now.... umm its another whitney otto book.. not the popular one about the quilts.. and not the newer one.. but darn it i cant think of the title and im so not modivated to get up and find out....

the snow here is starting to melt.. yea..its still high though!

Monday, January 15, 2007


I am back. Finally!! Where was I?? no where but home. we did some home improvement stuff. tore down some walls, made my closet smaller.. its now the closet from hell... found lots of mold.. and panted our rooms pretty bright colors.. how fun!!!!

We had a busy xmas time. my favourite gift;.. monk season 1 on dvd.. how cool is that???

now i have emerged myself in cleaning out the basement.. well... its not really cleaning it out.. its ummm well we bought about 15,000 books last year.,. i want to open a used bookstore..and well, my plans got shot down.. but then after the house stuff was done we thought.. hey why not give it another go.. so go we went. If you want you can see our progress try going to Litzilla.com you can see our list of stuff there. weather or not the bookstore ever opens.. well we will see it when and if it happens when it happens!!!!

My personal reading.. its been pretty good so far ive read two books
By a lady by Amanda Elyot.. it was very jane austinesque... not bad in anyway.. but left me with the feeling that i could do it better if given the chance
my second book was good harbor.. by anita Diament... loved it.. it made me cry and cry and cry.. not a bad thing.. sometimes I like to cry!!

thats about it