Saturday, July 19, 2008

a book by its cover

Today was a nutso crazy day! i had all my sisters and their kids over for a picnic.. What was i thinking?? anyway, my sister was investigating my "library" and she picked up my copy of Iris Murdoch's A severed head. it was an older copy... but she loved the cover.. she said she needed it.. so i let her have it.. but if she finds another copy she has to get it and replace the one she "stole"! I just think its funny that someone could pick out a book just because they like the cover. strange!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ch ch cha changes

i made some changes on the list of books i am going to read this year.. mostly because i barrowed some books and have to give them back.. it works!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

google the monkey

HA... is that just about the funniest thing you have ever heard?.. and its not even supposed to be funny.. so you with your sick minds had better think of something else fast!.. The reality is, that I, your fav blogger gets to be clifford the big red dog in the great NY state fair.. woohoo.. and this year i get to have buddies to walk with me.. big bird and courious george are doing the deed with me.. how cool is that??????

snow falling on cedars is still going very slowly...

and after being told i wouldn't have to work tomorrow, guess what? i get to work tomorrow.. so life is looking more down then up today!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

book in a day!

I never said i would be good at this blogging stuff.. sorry!

so anyway.. i read the coolest little book today.. it was called "the short and mysterious death of amy zoe mason" by kristine and joyce atkinson. It was a little artsy book, with a bit of a mystery and an overall very cool look. I can think of a handful of people that would just love it.

The other day i finished reading the secret life of bees.. and you know what? i didn't like it much.. there were good parts.. don't get me wrong. I thought it covered several issues pretty well..but there was other elements that just sucked!.. I just could not connect with this book, and if i had not been reading it with a friend, i would not have finished it at all!..

up next is david gutersons book snow falling on cedars. Ive started it, im on chapter 2.. and im not sure really if anything has happened yet... it is very very very slow going. Im hoping for the best. I picked up a second book to read when i just can't do snow falling. my alternative is "the old maid" by edith wharton. this one is going very fast, even though not much is happening in this one either.

oh well, life is good...