Thursday, May 10, 2007


one of my best friends mothers past away this past monday. it was sudden, a heart attack on friday.. and just when they thought she was going to be ok she left us. she will be missed!

My new job keeps me away from everything. its a boring job. I spend a lot of it on the phone trying to explain to angry people why we are no longer in our old location and how to get to our new one. I have been trying to get some reading done by sneaking in a few pages here and there and holding the book under the desk just right so people looking in at me think im just sleepy and resting my head. Im reading Edible woman.. by margaret atwood.she really is marvolous!! For a book that came out in "69" it sure is relavent to modern day.. i wonder sometimes if it is sending me secret messages?? not surprised if it is!

also im trying to finish up whitney otto's "now you see her".... the book goes on and on. there is a plot.. but its kind of runny. its a bit on the boring side too. ..she has done better!

thats about it