Saturday, August 25, 2007

hot saturday

today was hot.. not just hot.. it was very hot.. for a late august day... it rained a little and that just made it hotter.. and i got cranky..

i have not had any time to read in the past 2 days. Looking at a calender i see that there are only 4 more months to this year.. this year has gone way toooooo fast!!! I had a goal of 36 books this year.. i think im about up to 18.. its not so good.. and i don't think I'm going to make 36.. but perhaps if i try .. and try hard, ill make it to 30.. that's like4.5 books a month.. perhaps..

here's what i have going on

still reading bridget jones.. kind of weird. I wasn't fond of the movie.. not too sure i like the book any better.

crow lake.. its up for next month. one of my "far away" friends are going to read it together .. and then have a chat about it at the end of sept

megan mccafferty's book.. the new Jessica darling book. I have just begun it. and its got one hell of a slow start. I'm hoping that it gets a hell of a lot better..

also snagged To kill a mockingbird from the library.. funny thing about this book is ive never cracked the covers of this book before, but as i began to read the first chapter i could have sworn that Ive heard this story before.. just don't know how, when or why.

some fun news ahead. i may get the chance to be Clifford the big red dog in a parade this coming week. its going to be in the state fair.. and I'm afraid with all this heat it won't be too fun.. but the concept is awesome.

that's about it for now

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

calling in life!

Ok.. so today i realized what i should have years ago!... that my true calling in life is to pick out books for other people. I think i may have some weird connection when it comes to this. As soon as im done with a book i sit and really maul that book over. I then start thinking of my friends, my sisters and other people that i think my just get a kick over what i have just read. The hard part is trying to get people to take my advice.

When i worked at Waldenbooks many years ago i had a manager who did not believe that The amazing adventures of Kavalier and clay was as good of a book as i claimed. she agreed that she would read the book if i would read this goofy Chuck Norris book that was titled something like the power within or something like that. So I took her up on her deal.. i sat and read all about the ching of chow.. or whatever. It was a very boring book.. and probably the only non fiction book i have ever read that i have not been forced to ...ever!!!! can you believe it?? she tricked me.. she didn't even pick up a copy of k and c. .. i was so sad.....

but anyway.. i think i should take my gift more seriously... i think i could really help people with finding great books...

Monday, August 20, 2007

need some book time

ahhh... my new(est) job keeps me way too busy! no time to read. well, i did read a little... I'm doing the murder mystery thing at the moment. 2 for the dough. Stephanie plum mystery.. i could be her.. except i hate rodents!!!

I did get away for a few days. went up to Alex bay and got through Kate Atkinson's case histories... another mystery of sorts.. not bad at all. it had me thinking about it for a few days.. it was more fun thining of CH then it was thinking about sorting stuff at work.

ummm i guess crow lake is up next.. im reading it with my long distance friend. i also want to read to kill a mocking bird. why?.. not sure.. but i guess i should just the same.....