Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Wednesday sisters

I was a little alarmed when looking at the cover of this book. The book claimed to be better then the yaya sisterhood... and it made me quite a skeptic. It didn't take long to realize that this book was as different from the yaya's as you could get. The one single thing that made them even remotely the same was that they are both about women that greatly care about each other. I read this book in 4 nights... and i loved it to bits.

The Wednesday Sisters takes place in the late 1960's and early 1970's and it is a book about 5 women who are new to the sunny state of CA due to their successful husbands new jobs. The five women, Frankie, Kath, Linda, Ally and Brett are all intelligent and young, with dreams for the future. The women meet at a playground, and talk about books, and writing, and life, and it it here that they learn about real friendship that has no boundaries except honesty, and true love.

This book covers topics like interracial marriage, unsuccessful pregnancies, cancer, infidelity, guilt, civil rights, women's lib, moon walks, .. you name it, its in here.. Even Johnny Carson. I cant think of a reason that I don't like the book, except that perhaps it could have gone on a little longer, but what would be even better would be a sequel... with perhaps the children of the Wednesday sisters?.. sounds good to me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

updated list

8 of 2008 challenge
old dead guys
1. sir walter scott- Ivanhoe
2. john Steinbeck- Cannery Row
3. Bram Stoker-Dracula
4. Ernest Hemmingway- a farewell to arms
5. D. H. Laurence- lady Chatterley’s lover
6. charles dickens- a tale of two cities
7. mark twain- a yankee in king Arthur’s court
8. James Joyce- Ulysses

Crazy dead ladies
1. L. M. Montgomery- Anne of green Gables
2. edith Wharton- the old maid
3. Iris Murdoch- Under the net
4. Jane austen- Mansfield park
5. edna Ferber- giant
6. pearl s. buck- pavilion of woman
7. irène Némirovsky-suite francaise
8. george elliot- Middlemarch

Mystery Mystery
1. Arturo perez reverte the Flanders panel
2. Agatha christie- and then there were none
3. janet evanovich- four to score
4. sue graffton- h is for homicide
5. laura lipman- the last place
6. kate mosse- the labyrinth
7. janet evanovitch-High Five
8. Jasper fforde- Thursday next

The books that take up shelf room
1. J. D salenger- Fanney and Zooey
2. Zadie smith- The autograph man
3. John Barth- The Floating Opera
4 Kristine and joyce Atkinson- The short life and mysterious death of amy zoe mason
5. sue
monk kidd- the secret life of bees
6 mark Helprin- Freddy and Fredericka
7. Kent haruf- eventide
8. Tim o’brien- The things they carried

Books I waited all of 2007 to read
1. John Kennedy o’toole Confederacy of dunces
2. banana Yoshimoto- kitchen
3. Mark Helprin- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
4. CArlos Ruiz Zafón- Shadow of the wind

5. Rohinton Mistry- A fine balance
6. rebecca wells- the ya-yas in bloom
7. joanne harris-coastliners

8. Geraldine brooks- March

Sci fi/ Fantasy
1. Gregory Maguire- son of a witch
2. Robert A. Heinlein- Stranger in a strange land
3. J. k. Rowling- Harry Potter
4. J.rr Tolkien- lord of the rings(the fellowship)
5. ray Bradbury- Fahrenheit 451
6. Audrey Niffinegger- the time travelers wife
7. phillp Pullman- the golden compass
8 gregory Maguire- wicked

Books to movies
1. Anne prolux- The Shipping News
2. Boris Pasternak- Dr. Zhivago,
3. David Guterson-Snow Falling on cedars
4. Toni Morison- Beloved
5. Charles Frazer- cold Mountain
6. Richard Russo- Empire Falls
7. Sebastien Japrisot- A very long engagement
8. Tom Perrotta-Little Children

ARC and book club
1Stephen King- Duma Key
2 Nicole krauss- history of love
3 l.j. sellers- the sex club
4 Candice bushnell- lipstick jungle
5 Elizabeth Noble- Things I want my daughters to know
6 Meg Waite Clayton-The Wednesday sisters

7 Lori Handeland -Any given Doomsday
8, Katherine Neville- The Fire

Sunday, May 04, 2008

king of horror

ok.. so im almost 30 years old.. and im just now reading my very first stephen king book.. and its not even one of his "classics".. its the new one Duma Key.. and i like it(Haha). What did i think when my friend picked it as one of our "together faraway" books?.. i thought"groan groan groan.. because my other option was the kite runner and i have no interest in that what so ever.

back to duma key... im 442 pages into it.. never felt like throwing it away, putting it down never to pick up again, or afraid to keep going.... the plot is fun, its full of symbolism, its very modern.. perhaps it may even have a bit of king's personal anguish after he had his own accident back in "99". Anyway, there is a lot of freaky stuff in there.

People have told me that kings older stuff is better.. better how? they can't say,... but they say i should try it. Someone told me that the Stand was his all time best but can't give me a reason why. perhaps next year ill give it a try.

Other stuff im reading... i finished Flanders Panel. i was disappointed because i thought it was going to be more enlightening,.. but it kind of ended up being an average murder mystery... a sort of easy one at that, because i was half right about the who donnit... i was only wrong about the accomplice.

I finished reading Kitchen. For me it was a major bomb... good thing it was short or i may have given up on it and never gone back.. the only thing that was even remotely redeeming was the last part, it was a separate entity... and it was lovely.

I have also picked up the 4th stephanie plum mystery.. FUNNY! I think that is ok that the mysteries in these books are not so thought provoking and worthy of so much contemplation because lets be serious for a moment, how many books do you have an armature getting into all kinds of scrapes.. and having a cross dresser and a no games ex prostitute as sidekicks.. and lets not forget grandma here.. haha.. love it

that's about it.. what next?.. not sure yet. lets play it one at a time.