Sunday, May 04, 2008

king of horror

ok.. so im almost 30 years old.. and im just now reading my very first stephen king book.. and its not even one of his "classics".. its the new one Duma Key.. and i like it(Haha). What did i think when my friend picked it as one of our "together faraway" books?.. i thought"groan groan groan.. because my other option was the kite runner and i have no interest in that what so ever.

back to duma key... im 442 pages into it.. never felt like throwing it away, putting it down never to pick up again, or afraid to keep going.... the plot is fun, its full of symbolism, its very modern.. perhaps it may even have a bit of king's personal anguish after he had his own accident back in "99". Anyway, there is a lot of freaky stuff in there.

People have told me that kings older stuff is better.. better how? they can't say,... but they say i should try it. Someone told me that the Stand was his all time best but can't give me a reason why. perhaps next year ill give it a try.

Other stuff im reading... i finished Flanders Panel. i was disappointed because i thought it was going to be more enlightening,.. but it kind of ended up being an average murder mystery... a sort of easy one at that, because i was half right about the who donnit... i was only wrong about the accomplice.

I finished reading Kitchen. For me it was a major bomb... good thing it was short or i may have given up on it and never gone back.. the only thing that was even remotely redeeming was the last part, it was a separate entity... and it was lovely.

I have also picked up the 4th stephanie plum mystery.. FUNNY! I think that is ok that the mysteries in these books are not so thought provoking and worthy of so much contemplation because lets be serious for a moment, how many books do you have an armature getting into all kinds of scrapes.. and having a cross dresser and a no games ex prostitute as sidekicks.. and lets not forget grandma here.. haha.. love it

that's about it.. what next?.. not sure yet. lets play it one at a time.

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