Tuesday, October 30, 2012

been a while

Its been a while... a year, ... So what, doesn't mean that I haven't read anything good, or enjoyed anything, or hated anything, just means I've been too busy to share my life.

vacation.. vacation... vacation..

ok... i went on a vacation from blogging.. not sure why, maybe it was because i had so much fun reading, that i forgot how much blogging could be.


Today is October 30th. I have read 25 books this year, and have 10 more that I have begun, and have yet to finish. my goal for this year was 40 same as last year.. I am very proud to say that I am doing much better this year then last, but not by much. So many distractions... I almost wish that "Sandy" had taken out my job, or made it difficult to get to work just so that I could stay home and read!