Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day.......

me im in for the long term. its really cute. ...not much of an opinion yet.
Again, i havn't posted in a bit. I was busy finding a new job... one that i like better.. better hours, better co workers, best of all better pay!!! and its a whopping 4 miles from my house. Love it.. even if i do come home sore every day!!!

So today is fathers day.. i considered sending a card to my dad.. but then thought better of it.. so im not. ill call my mom for chat fest instead!! sounds fair to me!!!

what have i been reading???? ooohhh i read Dodie smith's 101 dalmations. What a fantastic cute little book. it had a disney illustration on the cover but the inside had beautiful doggie drawings that were not in the least cartoony. There were a few changes made when the book was turned into the cartoon.. the mother dogs name, the whole idea of the other mother dog.. and some of the names.. but darn it.. the book was really cute. its on my top ten list.

im still plodding through whitney otto's "Now you see her"... and i am positive that there is a point to it all.. really i do. but its hard to stay foccused. can i tell you how sad and disapointed i feel?? i just loved her other books.

also started Bridget jones's diary.. started it once before.. this ti