Monday, September 10, 2007

almost feeling like fall.....

wow.. weather is really going nuts out there! leaves havefallen everywhere, and we have already made it to the apple orchard.

not reading as much as id like. I have been snacking on the thrid of stephanie plums adventures..very fun. Um in the car i have To kill a mockingbird. i have not gotten so far with that , but boy does it feel like i know this book!! I fianly cracked the book Crow Lake open. it's for a discousion i promised to have with a good friend of mine so i have to have the book done by the last day of this month or i think she will be kind of upset.

work is for the birds.. there are just days when i wish i was home and could lay around by myself and do nothing.. way off dream don't you think??

ahh... im boring tonight. i guess ill be going.

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