Wednesday, June 09, 2010


yea! this week is half over. it is a gloriously gloomy day, the perfect kind of day that convinces you that you really just want to stay home and wrap yourself in a blanket, and sleep and read for the whole day. OK so that's what I want to do today. Either way, I would prefer not to go to work! our system has been down for 2 days... which makes everything we do nearly impossible. but we are getting by.

I'm halfway done with a lot of stuff.. and nothing is catching me to make me want to finish it. i think i should refer to this is a bit of a slump. I find that my mind wanders more then i want, and then i have to reread parts all over again.

oh well, i suppose i should trudge off to work... see what kinds of insanity wait for me there!

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