Monday, September 18, 2006

just another day!

ok, today is my ranting day! The thing i want to rant about the most is how i hate when i find a band i love they keep coming out with cd's, but each one gets suckier and suckier as time goes by. Three great examples of this are
Blink 182. Dosn't "dammit" just make you want to scream and yell, and say this is my antham!!! and then a few albums down the line you get travis beating away at his drums while we listen to "roller coaster".. a pretty good song, but there is some kind of element that is just not there. then by cd number ... 7? you just can't remember a single title of a tune, and not a single song stays put in your mind!
Example number 2! Barenaked Ladies... or should i say bare naked boringness. We all loved "Jane" right?.. and who could forget the million dollar song. but lets get serious.. "pinch me".... how about gag me.... and because i really did like the ladies for such a long time i will quit being mean.. but i do hope that they either come out with a really great cd next time or go away forever!
The worst thing i ever saw happen is with what happend to Weezer! I hold them in high regard mind you!. I love screaming out the words ... all the words to all the songs on Pinkerton. this album just blew me away. I thought i would die when weezer said they were done back in the "90''s. Then like magic, the green album came out. It went so fast, nothing to really think about, it was just a cd.... and then the other 2 came out.. and right now in the back of my head i am hearing the song that goes "your my best friend, and i love you".. its like.. ick.. gross, we want crazy sounding songs .. about nothing.. if we wanted another dumb boring love song we would go find one, but not by you.... so anyway, im glad weezer is over and done with, because i could not take much more of their crap!

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