Tuesday, September 19, 2006

crazy poe

I started a new book last night. Its called poe&fanny by john May. So far it's ok. its not great.. but i have to admit that i like the way May uses a variaty of people to piece the story together. I love books like that in general. Whitney Otto did a great job with her book "A collection of Beauties"...The book felt so 80ish. I ate it up

Anyway back to May, and the whole Poe thing. ... well i guess i just don't get poe. I always thought he was a little on the creepy side. I tried about a dozen times to read the Balloon hoax.. but never could do it. Had to read the cask of amontillado in high scool.. and it was ok.. Im thinking that even though this is fiction, perhaps it will help me to understand him a bit better.. and i can enjoy his creepy stories....

Oh, and i read a book by laura lippman a few years ago called "in a strange place". it had a Poe theme to it.. and i did like the book so perhaps there is hope for me still.... anyway, i am hoping!

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